Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....

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This episode we talk about getting involved with your local furry community, including our transition stories, resources out there (such as IFPL and Pounced), and other ways you can meet your local furries!  We also respond to some emails not relating to our main topic.  Shout out to Binky and Kodi, our out of country listeners!

Our extremely talented host Thay always loves to draw while recording the podcast.  This episode she decided to draw a digital piece for our episode!  (You’ll notice during the episode Elias and Roo yelling out random colors toward Thay… But she managed to use every color they yelled out and it turned out amazing!).  The scene is a blue fox and a lion on two computers browsing the internet trying to find other furries.

This episode we decided to theme our musical breaks on Portal.  Our first song is Bucktown Tiger’s Still Alive Cover (Take 2), also found on FurAffinity under the title Furries Ruin Everything.  Our second song is It’s Murder by Mayhem.  Hope you enjoy the music and please support the artist of these songs!  They have other great music and you should check them out.


De-foging Example:
Digby Dancing:

Now Listen:

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