Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....

Do Our Ident!


Do you want to hear your voice on the show but aren’t sure what to say? Here’s your chance! We’re inviting listeners of the show to submit their recordings and voicemails of our show ident!

Send in Your Ident!

Just record yourself in the following format:

  • Your name (Your furry name is totally awesome)
  • Where you’re from
  • The phrase “You’re listening to Fur What It’s Worth”
  • Something witty, but in good taste (can go anywhere – doesn’t have to be last).
  • A quiet background – no music or other items.

Send your recordings to If we can’t hear what you’re saying or the audio quality is awful, we won’t be able to use your recording, so do your best to record in a quiet room.

File Formats

We can accept most standard file formats, in order of most preferred – FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, M4A, WMA. If you have another format, send it to us and we’ll let you know if we can’t use it for some reason.

What's an ident?

These are also sometimes called “sweepers”. “Ident” is short for “station identifier”, which you hear on terrestrial radio often. An example is “This is KOOL, Detroit – The Rock Station in the Steel City”. The short edition, “ident”, is what sweepers are called in Europe. It sounds sexy, so we use the term “ident” on FWIW.

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