Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....

Starter Packs


If you’re new to Fur What It’s worth, you may be wondering where to start. Or maybe you’ve listened a while and want to find all the shows which match a particular theme. This is where we have compiled a list of suggested shows based on topics suggested by you. Want to suggest a topic for a starter pack? Check the contact us page and drop us a line!

New to the Show and/or the Furry Fandom

So, you’re new to FWIW and/or Furry. Welcome and thank you for listening! You’re in for a wild ride. Here are a list of suggested episodes for you:


The Best of FWIW

These episodes are the most listened to in our show’s history. We’re not sure how it happened, but give them a listen to find out why.


Level 2

So you’ve been participating in the fandom but need some extra knowledge. Welcome to Level 2!



Want a good laugh? Check out our growing list of available spoof adverts! You can even download and use them for your own mischief in most cases!


More starter packs are on the way! Check back soon!

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