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FWIW in 2016

It’s the time of year when lists recapping the last solar orbit come out. Most of these lists are run of the mill, but this time we decided to jump in with our 2016 summary of FWIW. We hope you find it interesting!


2016 saw the show shift from Season 5 to Season 6. Despite some setbacks, we released about the same number of episodes we released on 2015. This year we launched our Patreon page, overhauled the FWIW site, and upgraded our mixer board to a new USB audio interface from Zoom. We also launched a new regular segment, Get Psyched! with Dr. Nuka, and saw the return of Fifty Sheds of Grey. Finally, we also launched our Telegram chat, letting us connect with listeners any time, any place. (You can join the chat, too! Check the FWIW home, it’s linked on the sidebar). Here’s an in-depth look at Fur What It’s Worth in 2016:

Listeners by Distribution Method

In 2016 we distributed across iTunes, Stitcher, RSS, the FWIW Website, and Google Play Music. Note Google Play started podcasting after the year had started. Here’s how you listen to FWIW:

  • 5. Tablet Browsers
  • 4. Desktop Browsers
  • 3. Podcatching Apps
  • 2. Mobile Apps
  • 1. Mobile Web Browsers

Listeners by Platform

Interestingly, we tracked listeners from unexpected platforms, including the Nintendo Wii. Our top 5 platforms to listen from are:

  • 5. Multiplatform (Java-based and micro applicatons)
  • 4. macOS
  • 3. Android
  • 2. Windows
  • 1. iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Listeners by App

FWIW is listened to through over 55 different applications out there. Here are the top 10:

  • 10. Chrome Mobile
  • 9. okhttp-based Android App
  • 8. Firefox Desktop
  • 7. iPad Safari Media Player
  • 6. Pocket Casts
  • 5. Chrome Desktop
  • 4. Android app (non okhttp-based)
  • 3. iPhone Safari Media Player
  • 2. Podcasts for iOS
  • 1. iTunes

Listeners by Country

FWIW is available to most countries in the world, with the noted exception of China. With our recent translation of the video we released on YouTube (Furry Psychology with Nuka) this has recently shifted and distribution in China has started. Here are the countries with the most listeners:

  • 10. Russia
  • 9. France
  • 8. Argentina
  • 7. Mexico
  • 6. Sweden
  • 5. Germany
  • 4. Canada
  • 3. Australia
  • 2. United Kingdom
  • 1. United States
  • And we were listened to in a total of 78 countries around the world in 2016.

Listeners by State

FWIW is listened to in all 50 states in the USA, plus 3 additional territories/possessions. Of course, some states listen more than others. Here are the top listening states of FWIW:

  • 10. New York
  • 9. Oregon
  • 8. Washington
  • 7. Virginia
  • 6. Michigan
  • 5. Missouri
  • 4. Florida
  • 3. Texas
  • 2. You aren’t telling us, but we know you’re somewhere in the USA.
  • 1. California

Top Episodes of 2016

And now the granddaddy of what most of you are here for – the most popular episodes of 2016!

And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed looking back at 2016 with us! We’ll see you as Season 6 continues into 2017.

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