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Season 6,
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S6 Episode 15 – Does it Really Just Happen with Lonely Farmers and a Goat?

May 04, 2017

Heads up! This episode contains content considered extreme or sensitive to some. While we hope everyone is open to learning about the world around them, we wanted to let you know before you click play. Roo and Tugs are joined by Kyon and Bosco in a special split interview format to answer a series of “ugly” questions typically avoided by many: What is zoophilia? What is beastiality? And what is the connection, if there is any, between the two and the furry fandom? Is it just people have overlapping interests by coincidence? Powered by the wide variety of emails they visit the issues of defining consent, the views of those who are vehemently against zoophile and beastialist activities, the perception these activities are linked to furry, and more. This hot button episode is one you won’t want to miss – you might become more informed about an opposing point of view, even if you disagree. Oh, and yes – we do have DOUBLE Fifty Sheds of Grey, Space News, Get Psyched, and more!


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Next episode: Got a furry crush? Had one? Let us know by May 8, 2017!

  • Moss

    Hey guys great episode! You guys did a great job on this episode, especially because it is such a controversial topic.

  • Clunk

    It’s funny – Tugs was talking in the chat about how strange it was that everyone was afraid of being doxxed, then like a week after the episode was announced some troll went and doxxed a bunch of people on telegram. And now we have this impeccably timed interview :3

    I think the guests touched on this, but they didn’t delve into it. In America, the law treats animals as property. The punishment for killing another person’s dog, for instance, is usually a fine to compensate for the loss of property. It’s good that we legislate how we can treat that “property,” but it is weird to only consider them independent agents when dealing with sexual relationships.

    It’s also true, I know a ton of zoos in the fandom. It’s a lot harder to immediately villify it when you know so many.

  • TimidGrizzly

    I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore. But seriously. I thought this episode would be the one episode I could not listen too. But you created a professional and impressive discuss of the topic. Zoophilia and bestiality is not my thing, but your guest brought up some very good points and caused me to give the topic more reflection than I have in the past. Kudos for taking on this difficult topic. Well done show.

  • DarkYuan

    Interesting “Get Psyched” segment. My moral compass has been, for the last decade at least, that “one person’s rights end where another’s starts.” I don’t know whether that would have me leaning Liberal or Libertarian – liberal on the caring end of another’s rights, but libertarian to one’s own freedoms.

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