Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....
Season 3,

S3 Episode 4 – The Unwritten Rules of the Fandom

July 14, 2013

Roo and Tugs make it back to the studio to record this deluxe length episode where we explore the unwritten rules of the fandom. What are they? Things we all should know but somehow don’t. Things like bathing often, not taking pictures in the fursuit lounge, wearing matching shoes and socks, grooming in the morning at work,  talking on the phone in the wrong place, and a lot more.  We introduce a new segment – How Google Transcribed It. Before we go, we open the stuffed listener mailbag and answer all your questions. Does the episode still sound boring? Trust us, it definitely isn’t.


Special Thanks

  • Anonymous
  • Orion
  • Gypsy Jack
  • SF77
  • Farren
  • Loki
  • Lumio Draco
  • Rufus

Music & Breaks

  • Opening theme: Fredrik Miller – Cloud Fields (Radio Mix). USA: Bandcamp, 2011. Used with permission.  (Buy a copy here – support your fellow furs!)
  • Musical Break: Dex Dubious – Bubbles in the Wine. USA: Vanguard Records, 2004. Used with permission.
  • Listener mail segment: Eskadet – Back To Kyoto ;  from the album “Solitudes” (Lemongrassmusic, 2010) – – Used under license.
  • Closing: Fredrik Miller – Cloud Fields (Chill Out Mix). USA: Bandcamp, 2011. Used with permission. (Buy a copy here – support your fellow furs!)

Next episode: Transformation – sometimes known as shapeshifting or polymorphing. Transformation has long been a part of the furry fandom and society in general. For some it’s a turn-on. For others it’s a fantastic myth. Do you like the idea of the sexy Mystique from X-Men? Do you want it forced on you? How would you feel if you woke up completely as your character? Send us your questions and thoughts about transformation and shapeshifting as we explore this facet of the furry fandom.

  • Who

    Thanks for the episode!

  • retro_j

    The fur on the phone sounded like Whitefang. And yay for the kindred soul finding your podcast like I did! xD

    Sucks that there was some technical issues during the beginning of the recording

    • Dreamcasting

      Yeah, we weren’t happy at the lost audio.

      BY THE WAY – we miss your art!

      • retro_j

        Haha, I miss drawing you guys! I’ve just been busy with AC and another a anime convention. I’ll make something for next episode though (well, try to anyways)

  • Oddeofreq

    i left the voicemail. sorry i didnt say who i was on the phone. im kinda shy and i dont like answering machines/VM. but for you guys i made an exception.

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