Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....
Season 3,

S3 – Episode 21: The Lost Episode II

July 12, 2014

Roo and Tugs made it into the studio to get you something new – don’t worry! We’re going to get back on schedule! We also emptied out the mailbag while discussing the furry news of the day. This episode is the sequel to our previous Lost Episode….so buckle up and hold on!


Music & Breaks

Next episode: Public Service & Military Furs. Do you do good for others? Know someone who works in an ambulance, emergency room, or the military? Do you? Let us know! We want to recognize you! Send your emails by July 18, 2014!

  • Sex Nerd Kira

    It took me a while to remember what I had to log in with. I am hoping that there is still time to send in an e-mail. I think I will send it tomorrow. (hopefully) I have been so preoccupied with other things as of late i have been forgetting. My brain has been dead. X.X

    Love your podcast still guys, every time I see that you have a new episode I am 100% on it.

    • Dreamcasting

      Thanks, Kira! We love knowing you’re there each episode 🙂

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