Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....
Season 3,

S3 – Episode 17 – To Wear or Not to Wear? Furry Accessories

February 22, 2014

Should you wear your tail everywhere? What about your collar? What accessories are okay for work, public, or meets? Where is the line? Okami joins Roo and Tugs in studio this episode as we explore these questions and share your emails on the subject. After, we punish Okami with THE GAME, laugh our asses off, and a lot more.


Special Thanks

  • Okami, our guest
  • Ironfur, for the the featured picture and a letter
  • Alan
  • Grumper, for the ident
  • Kira the Fox
  • LilChu
  • Moss
  • Yondas
  • Mike Folf
  • J-Dub
  • x3nofawx
  • Keyni Bluepaw

Music and Breaks

Next episode: Who Likes Leather? BDSM and Furry. Whips, chains, ears, tails, restraints, puppy play, leather, sex. Do you like any or all of these things? Next episode we explore the crossover between BDSM and the Furry Fandom. Tell us what you like about it by hitting that contact us button above! (Send in by Feb 27, 2014)

  • Ironfur

    Heh didn’t expect my collar to end up as the episode image 😀

    • Dreamcasting


  • Ed

    I think it’s a misconception that people in the fandom wear tails and ears all the time. I see them as ‘fancy dress’ items, and I wear them to events rather than every day. I wouldn’t want them damaged or dirty, and they aren’t practical at work.
    Also I respect that collars can have weird connotations for some people, so I wouldn’t feel the need to wear it around all the time. I only wear mine to cons and only because I have a dog sona.

  • Rive

    Fun episode, as usual. Totally agree, everything has its time and place. If you’re meeting your friends, go ahead and strap those fuzzy ears on if you want. But if you’re at super-formal work place such as a law firm, funeral agency, or a mortgage company, please leave your fluffy paws and tail at home. Also keep in mind that a tail can get caught in a door, catch fire, or get stepped on. So plan accordingly.
    You wouldn’t wear ballet gear to your class (unless it’s a dancing class), and you probably wouldn’t put on a tail for a board meeting. After all, it’s just an accessory, and you don’t re-a-a-a-ally need to have it on at all times.
    Also please don’t forget about the asthetic side of things! Look after your stuff! Nobody will like a dirty tail or a pair of poorly made ears that are held together with duct tape and hope.

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