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Season 3,

S3 Episode 11 – Online Identities vs the Workplace

November 17, 2013

Do you keep two identities on the internet? Does it matter if someone searches for you online and finds out you’re a furry? Where do you draw the line? Mark joins Roo and Tugs as they read you emails and converse about this very sensitive topic.  What are the pros to having unified identities? The cons to having two identities? How have YOU handled the blurring of the lines? We read your emails on the air and share some very interesting stories.



Show Notes

Special Thanks

  • Mark, our guest
  • Trent
  • Calebfox
  • Kira the Fox
  • Smokescale Aquatos, for the ident
  • Troj
  • Robert
  • Keyni
  • Hazard
  • Binky Bunny
  • ALL OF YOU! For being such an awesome audience!

Music and Breaks

Next episode: Friendship and the Fandom. Has the fandom given you friendships? How strong are they? What kinds of friends have you found unexpectedly? How as the fandom influenced your social circles? Send your responses in by November 21, 2013!

  • Pyro the Husky

    Hey! Just got done listening to the episode! I appreciate the comments.

    I would like to add one more comment.

    I agree with everything said in the show, especially concerning having a feeling for how other people may react, and keeping one’s personal and professional lives seperate.

    However, there will be times when the topic may arise or questions may be asked.

    Through my experiences with answering questions about me being a furry, I have found that answering confidently and collectively have provided with positive and understanding reactions. It was when I answered timidly that I received accusations and people jumping to conclusions about what being a furry really means. In the past I have had bad experiences with me trying to hide and tip toe around questions to avoid confrontation, but that only created a sense of something that needed to be hidden, which wasn’t necessarily true. Only when I explaind calmly and confidently that it was merely an art based fandom that people understood and knew that it wasn’t anything that I was trying to hide.

    All in all, just remember that if you appear to be hiding something, people will assume you are hiding something, even if there is nothing hidden. Clear, confident, and calm communication can provide for quicker understand, and people not felling like you are hiding something.

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