Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....
Season 2,

S2 Special 5: My First Fursuit

April 21, 2013

Almost one year ago a mish-mash monster in the Salt Lake City furry scene embarked on a journey which would change his life.  Join the Fur What It’s Worth cast as they follow the journey of Hayrider, who receives his first fursuit and goes to his first cons in costume. Learn why someone would want to put on an animal costume and parade around and what its like inside. Done in the style of the famed NPR program This American Life, we bring you the most powerful episode and final release of Season 2.


New episodes resume on June 2nd, 2013! We will re-release two fan favorite episodes during the month of May.

Show bonus: Fursuit swapping, misdeliveries, and hot tub action – Syd Stoat & Monk-A share their fursuit stories.

Special thanks – this show would not have been possible without the love and support of the following:

  • Hayrider, the star of this episode.
  • Matty, his boyfriend, and primary supporter of Hayrider during this journey.
  • Enigma, for his support and letting us into his home to record the pickup event.
  • Haku Pamfer, for his fursuit story.
  • Circa, for sharing his fursuit creation insights.
  • Overzen/Barnaby for his fursuit story.
  • Kuddlepup/KP for his touching and personal fursuit story. He does charity work for children as a fursuiter.
  • Syd Stoat for some of his original guitar music and his fursuit story.
  • Monk-A for his fursuit story, which is a show bonus on this page! Check it out!
  • Josh Woodward for some of today’s music. Check him out at
  • This American Life, the NPR radio program, for inspiring today’s show style. If you are interested in similarly told stories, check out and consider a donation.
  • HK Skunk and Lazer Elena, for their fursuiting insights at RMFC.
  • Koru, our sound engineer, who produced our in-studio recordings.

Music and Breaks

  • Josh Woodward provided many tracks for today’s music. Used under Creative Commons. Check for more details.
  • Syd Stoat, who provided original guitar music.
  • DJ Keri – Baby Elephant Walk from the album Upstairs with Larry: 2009, USA. Used with permission of Vanguard Records. Album available on
  • whitefang

    You guys did a grate job on this story thanks for all the hard work that went in to making it I loved every minute it really touched my heart and even brought a tear to my eye in one part

    • Dreamcasting

      Thank you for being such a great show supporter! We’re glad you liked the episode 😀

  • retro_j

    Great job on the editing and slicing. Loved the stories, especially KP’s. Have a nice break from podcasting guys.

  • Zenikai

    A really touching episode, it’s so good. I hope you guys have a really good break too!

  • TAL fan

    Keep it up with the This American Life style. Great work! Please keep this up.

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