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From the ubersecret lairs deep within the bowels of Rainfurrest 2012, comes a secret episode combining some of the furry fandom’s most well known podcasts into one insane adventure: Synthestesia. Which podcasts and hosts, you ask? Here’s a handy list:

Once you’ve made sure your tray tables are in the upright and locked position and all your valuables are stowed securely, hit the play button below. Normality will be restored to FWIW in 2 weeks. We’ll see you then!

(Warning: This podcast episode has a decidedly different feel and tone than a typical FWIW episode. If you choose to skip it, we totally understand!)


This episode we talk about getting involved with your local furry community, including our transition stories, resources out there (such as IFPL and Pounced), and other ways you can meet your local furries!  We also respond to some emails not relating to our main topic.  Shout out to Binky and Kodi, our out of country listeners!

Our extremely talented host Thay always loves to draw while recording the podcast.  This episode she decided to draw a digital piece for our episode!  (You’ll notice during the episode Elias and Roo yelling out random colors toward Thay… But she managed to use every color they yelled out and it turned out amazing!).  The scene is a blue fox and a lion on two computers browsing the internet trying to find other furries.

This episode we decided to theme our musical breaks on Portal.  Our first song is Bucktown Tiger’s Still Alive Cover (Take 2), also found on FurAffinity under the title Furries Ruin Everything.  Our second song is It’s Murder by Mayhem.  Hope you enjoy the music and please support the artist of these songs!  They have other great music and you should check them out.


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Digby Dancing:

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This episode our guests answered to our fabled question, “how do you explain furry to strangers?”  Amongst emails from many great people, we shared hilarious stories about our encounter with this question with our guests, Clyde Cheetah and Kristian Mercade! Though we had slight technical issues, we still pushed through to bring you guys this episode! Please bear with us as we work with our equipment and make the shows sound better and better. Thanks! We love you!  We are also now on iTunes!  Subscribe to us for an easy way to keep track of our show.

We were also joined by this purple puppet man (looks blue in the picture), Reverend Jeffery Johnson!  Or at least, that’s what Roo calls him.  He only really interacted with us in the testing phase of the show, but boy can I say how fun that was.  He really does play the part of reverend well…naked.  We also had mini sparky join us for the show!  He was really quiet though… we’ll have to get the grown up Sparky on sometime!

This episode our musical breaks were Hide and Seek (Wikked Remix) by Furries in a Blender from their album I am Sinistar, and What Matters by The Queenstons from their album, The Grand Cross.  Are you a musician?  Do you have music that you would like to be played on the show?  Make your way to our “Submit Music” section and send us your file!  We always love hearing, seeing, and experiencing what the furry community has to offer.

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