Grooming fur, brushing tails, cleaning hooves, prepping mics, reticulating splines....
  • Season 6,
    1 Hour 27 min
    August 06, 2017
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    Thanks to a conversation with FableCharm, a brony, we've realized our previous furry lifestyler episode is in need of a revisit! This is the revisit. Tugs is joined by Nuka while Roo takes a break, reading your emails and discussing the lifestyler question from an academic point of view. What is a lifestyler? Does this change over time? How does experience shape the ideal of one's furry self? Are hobbyists as valid in the fandom? Where does "get off my con" come from? Find out, along with new Space News, Olde Timey Ads, and Fifty Sheds of Grey.

  • Season 6,
    1 hour 42 minutes
    July 23, 2017
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    Con parties - they're probably one of the first things most hear of when talking about furry conventions. But why? What makes these so damn popular? Are they vital to a good con experience? What's the private party circuit? Roo and Tugs read your email, talk about everything to do with parties, and more! As always, we have new Fifty Sheds of Grey, Space News, Get Psyched!, Olde Timey Ads, idents, and more!

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    Season 6,
    2 Hours
    June 25, 2017
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    In a twist of fate, we've invited another lawyer on the shower - this time the infamous Boozy Badger! Roo and Tugs ask him about his finding of the furry fandom, how he's spent his time touristing around it, and where he plans to continue taking his Furry Sightseeing Tours™. After this we read your emails and get his responses to a wide variety of Q&A. We also debut Dr. Nuka's new microphone, give you some new Space News, and an olde timey ad! It's a comedy gold mine, so get your pickax out!


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