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S6 Episode 2 – I’m in!

Roo is joined in studio by Kilk, Tenax, and Quynn as they read your emails about how you discovered the furry fandom! They discuss their own entries into the fandom (and how they varied across the years), what draws people to t...


S6 Episode 1 – I’m on FIRE!

Roo and Tugs re-arranged the studio and put on their asbestos suits to prepare for this episode and preserve the history of the fandom – Burned Furries! We are joined by first hand witness to the events, Sophianna Katana,...


S5 Episode 18 – The Final Episode

Roo, Tugs, and Koru get together to re-live the best moments of Season 5, as sent in by you and hand picked by them! Join us as we revisit each episode, plus play audio you haven’t heard before! We bring you more ComicCon...


S5E17 – FWIW: RAW! (Lost Episode VI)

Due to second life (job) interfering with our ability to get the end of season recap done, we recorded this episode instead. It’s a RAW episode of FWIW! No edits. Just Roo and Tugs. We discuss various topics, play Space N...